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Kitchen Remodeling Marietta GA is our main focus, but we are not limited to only doing kitchens. We also remodel basements, bathrooms, additions, and build custom homes from scratch. Today I would talk like to talk about basement remodeling. Basements are the best place to add square footage to your house and gain maximum value. Basements can be used for a variety of things including extra bedrooms, play rooms, or maybe an in-law suite. Basement finishing can range from basic plain to extravagant. We can build a basement to fit your budget period.

If your idea is to use your basement for entertaining, a good place to start is a kitchenette as in Kitchen Remodeling Marietta GA, or a custom bar. We know every taste is different, so we try to figure out the best use of your budget in this area. Maybe you just want a place to keep drinks and a sink as in a basic kitchenette this is a lower cost option. Another option is a custom bar. We have designed and built hundreds of bars and no 2 is ever the same. We build custom cabinets in face with a variety of finishes that gives you something that is truly unique.

You may choose a custom trim package for your basement. This could include a custom staircase, with Oak treads and handrails and iron balusters. coffered ceilings make a nice touch and brings a touch of class to the room. We can build custom bookshelves painted or stained to make a nice library. We can install built in closets and shelves or even hidden rooms. we can upgrade the crown molding 2 give the room I totally new look. We can create a style that gets you to the look you’re going for in your overall basement design. You may choose from a Craftsman style, rustic, or maybe a more traditional package. We can fit the look to your desired finish.

A popular use for basements these days is an in-law suite for mom or dad. We can turn your basement into a full-size apartment that may so comfortable living situation down the road. It is also a good selling point as a new buyer might be thinking they might need a place for mom or dad and the next 10 years or so. In-law suites come complete with the master bedroom and master bathroom. You’ll get a full-size closet, living room, and anything from a kitchenette to a full-size kitchen. Is a really good use of the area that can be converted for entertainment at a later time.

Flooring options have come along ways for basement finishing. our most popular product is called LVP and is a waterproof laminate flooring. It installs, feels, and looks like real hardwood. Challenge your friends to tell the difference. You’re not limited to that, there is also the option of tile, carpet, or stained and sealed concrete. Any one is a good option so feel free to ask cornerstone remodeling Atlanta the pluses and minuses of each,

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