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This article was written for cornerstone remodeling Atlanta

Cornerstone remodeling Atlanta takes pride and it’s Kitchen Remodeling Marietta GA, unlike other remodelers we don’t try to force you into a bad decision or something you don’t really need we take the time to listen to figure out what you and your family really need. This is what sets us above the rest. We take as much pride in your kitchen as you do. We build it for you and we feel like it’s our kitchen as well.

Have you dealt with other Kitchen remodeling Marietta GA companies before? Did they make You feel comfortable? Did they seem a little pushy, trying to make you spend more money when you really didn’t need to. The same like someone you wanted in your home creating new kitchen in your largest investment. Hey cornerstone remodeling Atlanta, we take the time to listen. We don’t want to sell you an expensive kitchen just to make a Buck. We want to take pictures and leave that job with his much pride and satisfaction as you have in it.

Customer satisfaction is what we do. We base our companies values and decisions around a standard that most contractors can’t live up to. We offer a 2 year warranty which is unheard of in the business . We are able to offer this 2 year warranty because our satisfaction levels are such that we rarely have to do warranty work. My superintendent finish the job and he does a punch list to complete all tasks. When he’s completed I myself make another punch list to make sure we haven’t missed anything. Once that’s complete in I’m satisfied, I asked the homeowner to give main a separate punch list of his own. There is rarely anything on that punch list to repair because we’ve already done it.

Cornerstone remodeling Atlanta is one of the highest rated companies in the Atlanta area . We take pride in their reviews our customers give us. Reviews aren’t simply given , they are earned. Our customers spend a lot of money with us, sometimes saving for years. they pay good money for a good product and expect good service in return. We don’t take that trust lightly. We run every job like every customers review is the most important we will ever get. That makes us a step above the rest.

So in conclusion, if you’re still on the fence about hiring a remodeling contractor in Georgia, you should take a look at cornerstone remodeling Atlanta. With our satisfaction guaranteed warranty, you can’t go wrong. No job is finished until the customer is completely satisfied. That is a model we stand by Anne has worked for us for years. That’s what sets us above the rest. So call Larry Alford today at cornerstone remodeling Atlanta and let us come out and give you a free quote. We’re eagerly awaiting your call, let’s get this started sooner than later! It’s about making your dreams a reality.

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