Most Atlanta homeowners use the words “renovation” and “remodel” interchangeably, but there is a world of difference between the two. Deciding whether you’re remodeling or renovating influences many factors, including how much the project will cost, the specific improvements you need to consider, and any inspections you may need. These are only a few things to contemplate when choosing between a renovation and a remodel. Familiarize yourself with some key differences to help make your decision.


Review Your Definitions

upstairs bedroom of a home renovation in Marietta, Georgia

Upstairs bedroom of home renovation in Marietta, Georgia

Knowing the definitions of the two terms will help you decide what your home truly needs. If you are renovating, you are “restoring to a good state of repair.” A renovation is generally done on a building that has extensive cosmetic and structural damage. However, a renovation doesn’t necessarily mean the whole house. For instance, if your home is structurally sound but your Atlanta kitchen has fallen into disrepair or disuse, you could perform a small-scale renovation on the kitchen.

Remodeling means “to change the structure or form” of a room, and focuses more on appearance than structural integrity. The goal of remodeling is to improve upon existing designs, furniture, or fixtures. Remodels usually involve changing rooms’ layouts, but they can also involve changing the functions of your target areas. If you are converting an Atlanta basement used as a storage area into a recreation room, you are remodeling.


Improved Communication

Knowing the difference between a remodel and a renovation helps you communicate clearly with contractors, construction workers, hardware professionals, and other people who will help you complete the project. Contact the Atlanta remodel professionals at Cornerstone; We are always ready to answer any questions you have about renovating or remodeling your home. We can help you avoid investing in endeavors that aren’t really what you want.

Additionally, knowing the difference between renovating and remodeling helps you know what questions to ask. For example, you might be renovating an Atlanta basement because you found mold in the walls. You should ask professionals what building materials will prevent future mold breakouts, as well as how to check for the water damage that breeds mold.


Definitions Help You Budget

Average cost to remodel home in Atlanta GeorgiaPerhaps the most important part of any home-based project is how much it will cost. In many cases, renovating requires a larger budget than remodeling, though not always. When setting your budget, ask yourself which aspects of your project are most important. If your remodel is based on appearance instead of function, you may be able to spend less but still obtain high-quality products. On the other hand, if the rooms you are renovating are unsafe, most of your budget must be devoted to fixing safety concerns.


Home Inspections

In many cases, you’ll need permits and inspections for a project. Your contractor will obtain the permits you need for your project and arrange for whatever inspections are necessary. Knowing the scope of your project beforehand will help the contractor know what permits are necessary and when the inspections have to be made. This is important because if you don’t have the proper permits, the governing body can stop all work on your project or order expensive changes before work can continue. The same applies to inspections; if they aren’t done at the proper times, it can delay your project and increase costs.


Atlanta, Georgia remodel with beadboard ceiling

rustic basement remodel with beadboard ceiling – Atlanta, Georgia


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